Let Us Spray!

We are ready to start spraying the trees to attack the Peacock Spot. We have a new 100-gallon sprayer that attaches to the back of the tractor and are using a

Just like in 'Breaking Bad'!

Just like in ‘Breaking Bad’!

copper sulfate solution that needs to be sprayed on all of the trees. It should take care of the problem and won’t have any effect on the fruit later this season.

It takes two of us to perform the spraying, one to drive the tractor and one to hold the spray gun. We have to wear protective gear because the spray can be harmful if inhaled. Even though it is organic, it still needs to be handled carefully.

Preparing the sprayer

Filling up the tank

Spraying an Arbequina tree for Peacock Spot

One down, 1999 to go…