Monthly Archives: December 2015

Let it rain!

It is raining continuously here now. It is funny that people are already complaining about the rain, even though it has been sunny pretty much continuously for the past 500 days…

Cows on the Ranch

Its hard to not like cows. We responded to an ad on CraigsList  from a rancher that was looking for grazing land. He brought over 10 cows and set them up on the pastures around the ranch. This will keep the growth down, limiting the need

IMG_4160to mow and reducing the risk of fires this summer. They are fun to watch and surprisingly curious.He also brought a bull over. I have to admit the bull was a little intimidating. He was standing by the door of the barn when I came out and I felt like tiptoeing by him politely. He just watched me and then went over and starting pawing the dirt pile to give himself a dustbath. I decided to let him bath in private…

IMG_4162IMG_4666 IMG_4691